MMTM12 Documentum Video List

Momentum 12 has certainly raised and given lots of expectations surrounding the future of Documentum. We’ve collected the videos to give you a more interactive way to catch up and supplement knowledge you may have gained from our Documentum Recap posts.


Rick Devenuti: Live Video

Jeetu Patel and Rohit Ghai: Live Video

Jeetu Patel, Rohit Ghai, John O’Melia, Paul O’Brien: Live Video


We’re quite disappointed that we don’t have more videos for you (what’s going on EMC????) . Three keynotes involving Documentum-Oriented folk doesn’t quite provide you with the list we were hoping for.



Well it looks like somebody has done our job for us, thank you very much @davedej!

Check our his awesome blog and list of almost everything! EMC WORLD VIDEOS.


We’ll spend the next week or so picking up videos from in and around the event and adding them to the list above as we get them. Hopefully EMC will provide us with some good content. Finally, there have been some technical difficulties some of the videos but this rests with EMC not us. It must be the…..

Gremlin of Documentum


PS. I wish they’d upload their latest keynote videos to the fantastic MMTM12 App (great job guys!), surely the section that says ‘videos’ is where all their content should be posted? Why also is it on the EMC Corp Youtube account and not EMC Software (which, while we’re at it, should surely be IIG shouldn’t it?)…..Aaaarghhh……its Friday I’m going home!

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