Oracle vs Documentum | Gear up for Round Three!

Oracle get aggressive… Again

You know it, we know it and they know it. Oracle have been very aggressive in their marketing strategy and tried to put EMC Documentum down at any and every given opportunity.

Round One:

It all started around November(ish) 2011, Oracle hit Documentum with a few degrading tweets. We saw their inability to tweet about anything other than Documentum rise quite rapidly in the second quarter of 2012, with upto 10% of their overall tweets being about Documentum (rather than important things like updates, community etc), check our blog post on their Documentum Tweets!

Round Two:

Not much was said about what we deem as ’round two’, but we think Oracles actions here justified a separate round of what can only be described as verbal marketing assault and/or harassment. Those of you whom went to Las Vegas for #mmtm12 would probably have seen that some of the cabs/taxis around Las Vegas emblazoned with ‘Oracle beats EMC’! It’s quite to everyone’s surprise that the actual hash tag #mmtm12 wasn’t also invaded by Oracle just like they spammed #Documentum earlier in the year. I guess they showed a little class?

Obviously I’m joking.

Round Three:

The Tweets dominated Round One, the Advertising dominated Round Two, but we have to give Round Three to their blog. They’ve written blog post, after blog post, after blog post about Documentum, quite often regurgitating the same information. Just check out their Documentum tagged blog posts for a brief look at what they love to talk about so much: Oracle Blog Posts.

One of their latest pieces came on the 30th May and hit at the Life Sciences comeback Documentum has positioned itself towards. Using the same old mantra, a predominant lack of statistics and vague use of language; they again find themselves attacking EMC. Read their Life Sciences Post here.

So the question is, will EMC react?

What Do We Learn From This?

Schmoracle talks a great a game, but lets see some nice case studies.


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