Momentum in Tweets!

Which Documentum products got the most plugs on Twitter?

At Documentum City, we rely on the community to keep up us updated on what is happening in the industry. The Twitterati play a pivotal role in this but they seriously outdid themselves last week!

Guys, you must have aching thumbs!! Over 33,000 words got typed in around 4 days- ouch!


We took this content from twitter (yes, all of it and it was not easy!) and ran it through wordle to show the buzzwords from the conference.


The first wordle included the Twitter ID’s so you can see who was busiest.  Alexandra Larsson was the clear Momentum Twitter champion (she also took more pictures than anyone!).

Documentum wordle

When we removed the Twitter ID’s (but left in the Retweets), the key technologies started to appear.

Documentum Tweets


The most visible Documentum technologies


And once we removed EMC plus some generic words we got this:


All these technologies are hot


And the ones that sum it up best are these 2:


Documentum skills worth having



Although these images are just a bit of fun, they do show you some interesting things:

Notice how the most active IIG technologies are: D2, Syncplicity, xCP 2, Captiva as expected.

(Please note, Big data may not have featured because wordle looks at it as 2 words.)

The word ‘Solutions’ also highlights an important EMC IIG theme this year. D7  doesn’t get as much attention as most people expected but again, this is in line with the way IIG announced it.


Where is the word cloud? And what about the small input from NGIS. Odd.

You can also get a feeling of the mood of people looking at these words: Great, Rocks, Nice, Like, Interesting.

And time related words also give us a glimpse of the state of the product roadmap: Coming, Available, Future.


BUT, most surprisingly, the word Party is tiny! And there was me thinking Momentum was for letting hair down! ;-)

Documentum Captiva xCP D2 Syncplicity


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