10 tips to screw up your Documentum recruitment

Here are some top tips if you’re hiring Documentum consultants.

ALL of these tips have been kindly shared with us by members of our community based on their experiences! For those of you who didn’t see the mailshot, we asked Documentum City members in the US & Europe what companies were doing wrong when recruiting.


1)     Make sure the position is really urgent!

For contractors, start the Friday before you need a person on site. For full time employment, start a few weeks after you realise you need someone.


2)     Don’t bother asking your existing team if they know anyone.

They won’t and it’s such a hassle so forget about it. It’s better to go for Documentum consultants you don’t know anyway.


3)     Enlist a generalist IT recruitment firm

Choose either one that is closest to your offices or the one that helped you recently finding the ABAP developer. It’s all development isn’t it?


4)     Draw up a job advert that says absolutely nothing about the job.

Just make sure you mention important things like: “We’re looking for someone highly motivated and dynamic…” because this guarantees you’ll get someone good.

No need to include info about the Documentum projects the team is working on because you can tell applicants later.


5)    Get your job advert on as many job boards as possible. And Twitter.

Someone will see it right? Besides, Twitter is a safe bet.


6)    Hire the first person who comes along

Don’t waste time – just hire the first Documentum guy you interview.  The quicker the process; the happier your boss is.


7)     Talk about football in the technical interview

“So Dave, are you a red or a blue?”


8)    Don’t share interview feedback with unsuccessful candidates

The Documentum community has loads of people anyway. You’ll never need these people again and they don’t mind.


9)    Don’t bother checking references.

He must be good because he worked at McOil Associates for 6 years plus he has +500 contacts on Linked In.


10 Negotiate the person’s rate/salary down

Whatever a person asks for, undercut them. Management will think you are great for keeping the budget down! If you advertise a job for 75,000 but only offer 65,000, you can just say that it is “based on experience”. You won’t lose credibility!


There you have it folks, insights into how amazing some Documentum recruitment campaigns have been.  Anyone would think that companies using software that costs millions of $/£/€ would invest sometime and effort into getting the best available talent!



Thanks to all.



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