Where are the Documentum jobs in 2013?


A snapshot of Documentum hiring for 2013

Here’s where we expect the Documentum jobs to be this year (US & Europe)

Over the last couple of months we’ve been talking to companies to find out what they have planned in terms of hiring for 2013. We reached out to a group of Documentum customers and EMC partners from different industries/regions, and asked these basic questions.


The Questions

1) Are you starting new Documentum projects in 2013? (Yes/No/Not sure).

2) Will your company be hiring Documentum specialists in 2013? (Yes/No/Not sure).

3) If yes, do you intend to hire contract or full-time (permanent) candidates? (Contract/Employee/Both)


A few participants also provided further information:

4) What skills do you find hardest to source? (Open question)

5) Would you agree that it is a challenge to source Documentum professionals? (Yes/No). Please provide some further details about your experiences.


Companies that took part: Documentum Users/Partners

16 Life Sciences companies – (9 in the US/7 in Europe)

14 Consultancies - (8 in the US/6 in Europe)

11 Financial services companies (6 in the US/5 in Europe)

25 others (9 US – 16 European)


Outlook for the US

The responses suggest a positive outlook for the US. Most respondents said they will be hiring and more than half said they would begin new Documentum projects. Consultancies / EMC partners in particular are planning a busy year with all but one of the participants saying they are hiring (the other wasn’t sure). The Life Sciences sector is also looking good with most companies expecting to hire (in at least one department). 2 major pharmaceutical firms said they were not starting new Documentum projects in their non-regulated business but couldn’t comment for other areas.

Surprisingly, Energy companies did not respond as we expected with only one company stating they would begin new projects. With the popularity of EPFM, we expected this to be a busy sector although only a small group of companies was sampled. Financial companies were mostly unsure with little or no commitment to start new projects. Other sectors were split 50/50 in terms of hiring.
In terms of job types, most companies plan to recruit full time Documentum staff. Consultancies and pharmaceuticals will hire both contract and employee resources.

Hotbeds of activity - New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California.


Outlook for Europe

Considering how slow the Documentum jobs market was last year in Europe, our expectation is that 2013 will be very positive in comparison. However, companies in Europe are not as bullish as those in the US (backing up our Linked In poll research from earlier in the year). This was reflected in the number of companies who responded that they were uncertain if they were hiring or not.

Consultancies (again) are very upbeat with most participants confirming they will be hiring. European life sciences organisations also seem quite positive on new projects with 4 saying they will definitely be hiring.

One positive indicator is coming from European funded organisations. Those we contacted all confirmed they are planning projects and will be hiring. Another surprise was that a few financial services sector companies will start new projects in 2013 too – this was in complete contrast to what we expected. Documentum in banks has seemed to be on the decline in comparison to a few years ago.

Permanent hiring was significantly more popular with companies in Europe.

Hotbeds of activity - UK, Holland, Switzerland, Finland, Eastern Europe.


Points to bear in mind

As we always point out, this is by no means a scientific study or a comprehensive report. Some organisations were unable to comment or chose not to respond. That doesn’t mean they are not hiring; remember, not every company wants to divulge this information to external parties.

The information gathered from organisations who responded, we think hints at the outlook being positive. We did expect to hear that there would be more greenfield projects but this has not been the case. Perhaps it will take some time before the newer technologies/Documentum’s industry solutions start to hit the market. Judging from the hype surrounding D2, xCP 2 etc, we would expect this to percolate into EMC’s install base quite quickly.

Consultancies are very upbeat which we can also see in the number of profile searches using Documentum City. Invariably consultancies are the first to sniff out the opportunities and begin building their teams. Almost all of those we contacted replied to us and said they will be hiring this year. Having also spoken to people at EMC consulting on both sides of the Atlantic (unconnected with this report), it appears they too are preparing for a busy year. 



We will monitor the number of jobs being posted and people moving jobs and report back on this at the end of this quarter to see whether hiring has indeed gone up. Stay tuned and please tell us what you think. 





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