Guest Documentum City Blogger Julien Fontaine on EMC Elect 2013

Documentum aficionado Julien Fontaine gives us the heads up on why Documentum community members should be excited by EMC Elect 2013.


“All of you (perhaps… or not) know the famous EDN Community ( Some of you are frequent users, some of you are opportunist users, some of you are not yet users but it will change.

It will change because the community changed and now it rocks… Since about one year, the jive based community decided to begin Gamification of the community. They use badgeville (, an American leader on the gamification market which has increased the overall user activity by 21%… That means that all the questions you have (technical at first) will find a quick answer and increase your business efficiency. Try it and let’s discuss on this post.

Some of the best known technical Documentum experts are involved in the community… I mean Johnny Gee for instance (

But what is EMC Elect 2013?

EMC wants to select a few members, “influencers” by their participation in the community, on facebook, twitter, blog posts, etc… This year 75 people have been elected, for software and hardware on the EMC side. I’m proud to be one of them (the only French Documentum EMC Elect member as far as I know!). For the moment, we are just a group of Elect people and are waiting for new challenge (looks like the Avengers of EMC)…. To be continued.”


Julien Fontaine

Julien Fontaine is a French Documentum specialist with ~7 years experience in the ECM space. He currently works for the company Euroscript. You can follow Julien’s blog on ECN at this link. (All of Julien’s comments on his/this blog are his own.)



















One comment on “Guest Documentum City Blogger Julien Fontaine on EMC Elect 2013

  1. Thanks Julien for this nice intro and congratulations to you and all the other Documentum community members who have been selected for the EMC Elect team in 2013.

    The Documentum Avengers are:
    Robin East @insidedctm
    Julien Fontaine @julien_fontain Julien Fontaine’s Blog (above)
    Alexandra Larsson @macgirlsweden
    Johnny Gee @ecm_guru
    Lee Dallas @ldallasbmoc
    Ed Steenhoek @EdSteenhoek
    Francois Dauberlieu
    Ingo Zitzmann @Ingo_Z

    PS: I am sorry to say that you are not the only French Elect Member! I just realised Francois Dauberlieu is also on the list. Francois is a Documentum Veteran living in Holland so we can say that you are the only French based, member! ;-)

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