Meet Julien Fontaine our Documentum ‘Mover & Shaker #1′, EMC Elect 2013 and self-confessed Documentum geek!

Documentum Mover & Shaker interview #1 – Julien Fontaine

Hello Documentum fans !

Today, we begin a series of interviews with the ‘Movers & Shakers’ from the Documentum community around the world. We’ll bring you their insights, history and personal views on the Documentum technology.

We kick the series off with a bang by talking with Julien Fontaine. For those of you who don’t know Julien already from the EDN site, he has a huge passion for Documentum which is reflected in his recent election as an EMC Elect 2013. I am also pleased to tell you that Julien is joining the Documentum City blog team and will be featured here on a regular basis when he is not busy in the forums, getting to grips with his new job, or indeed with his new baby son.


Documentum City: 

So Julien, these are exciting times for you recently. You just had your first baby in October, became an EMC Elect member and moved jobs this month, tell us about yourself briefly…

Julien Fontaine:

Hi Andrew. First, I want to thank you for this interview and say that I’m really proud to now be part of the Documentum City Blog. I will try to be a good fit! So, my name is Julien Fontaine and I’m from France, from Nantes to be exact. Nantes is located just under Brittany. I live between Nantes and Atlantic ocean.

And how long have you been in the Documentum business?  

I’ve been working with Documentum for a few years (about 6). I began doing some development based on WDK and moved quickly onto D2. Now, I try to manage projects based on DCTM but I still love being technical so I have to put my hand on the heart of the system. Geek or not geek, that’s the question !

How did you get into working with the stack?

Oh. I remember… at the time, I, with a colleague of mine, had to maintain a big application based on DCTM 5.3 and Webtop but a webtop full of customization. When we added or removed just a few lines in our JSP, everything went wrong… We lost a lot of time patching a little bug. We spent too much time trying to understand the application without strong knowledge on WDK… Since this day, WDK scared me… I’m still being seen by a psychanlayst ;)

What’s your specialists area?

Definitely D2… We, in France, work since many years with D2… We really participate in the product’s “childhood” and it definitely changed our way to do Documentum projects. To be honest, it’s too difficult to remember how we did it before D2. I also worked with many D2 plugins that will be available soon … Lots of fun!

I will provide more information about D2 in a blog for Documentum City.

What are three most important qualities that would make you someone want to hire you?

Oh, it’s hard to talk about me… I think I’m enthusiastic and I really like what I do. I’m also persuasive and that could be useful in pre-sales role. Then I’m quite funny…

Where do you currently work / what will you be working on?

I just changed to a new role. For the moment, I work at CGI and I have to set up a new team specialized in IIG stack. Perhaps it’s too early to talk more about this position.

What attracted you to join their team?

The challenge. It seems very attractive on paper… In a few weeks/months I can say more about this new position.

How is Documentum doing in France? Is it it still as popular?

It’s a bit difficult to say. After a lot of migration from WDK project to EMC Documentum D2, the past year was not so easy. As it is the world crisis, we do not have lot of new Documentum implementations… But, I think it will be better this year, I hope. The ECM market is still growing in France and with new problematic challenges like Big Data and Cloud environments, we can definitely be optimistic.

France is also very near Switzerland and Luxembourg. There’s big projects in these two countries, perhaps a good idea, just in case !

Who in your opinion are the biggest competitors – Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Nuxeo, Alfresco?

To be honest, as I mainly work in the LifeSciences sector, the biggest competitors seems to be Sharepoint. In fact, there’s lots of vertical solutions based on Sharepoint and Sharepoint seems now mature for this specific market. In other fields like Public Sector, things are different, and open source players like Nuxeo or Alfresco are the biggest comptetitors.

How do you see the future for ECM projects in France?

For me the future is in the cloud. For the moment, its just marketing term but I’m sure it will change. I really like also the big data concept and I’m sure it’s very close to the ECM Market.

What IIG technologies or future trends are you most excited about?

I’m waiting for the Syncplicity integration with Documentum. I’m also waiting for vertical solutions based on D2 or xCP. I already have looked at the Quality and Compliance solution and just the slideware of the eTMF solution and ePFM. The future looks good for the IIG product.

What about your thoughts on the cloud, xCP 2.0?

I am waiting for a project with this technology. As I said early, for me it’s just marketing at the moment and I’m not sure big companies are already mature to use public clouds… Wait and see.

To be honest, I just heard about xCP 2.0. so want to try it at the next momentum in Las Vegas on May.

Tell us about your nomination as an EMC Elect 2013?

I’m proud to be involved in the first EMC Elect program. It is everytime interesting to exchange with all your peers and with prestigious peers like Johnny Gee to name just one.

What are you mainly using the EDN Community  for (contributions, knowledge sharing, blogging, ideas, gamification) ?

I use the EDN Community everyday. I try to do my best to answer technical requests about things I know, I use it also for social purpose and to share a few technical blog posts.

What do you think about the RAMP system and badgeville?

I’m sure it is a good idea… I don’t have the statistics but for sure, more and more people are involved in the community and I’m sure the gamification concept helps.

Are you planning to be an EMC Elect 2014?

Of course, but I need to do my best to stay in… and I also need to find time!

So no time for hobbies then?

For the moment, not really. But, I try to dive and to do some sports (running, biking, and sleeping ;).

Do you have something that you want to show us or plug? 

Yes, just if you want to follow me on Twitter (@julien_fontain) please be my guest. I tweet about EMC IIG and wine (other hobby)… And, I will be at EMC World this year so if you want to talk with me, it will be my pleasure.


Thanks to Julien – we look forward to hearing more from you in the future and congratulations again on becoming part of the EMC Elect 2013 team. 

Thanks again Andrew.




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