Momentum 2013 – EMC World – Blogs and links from Day 3

Day 3 at EMC Momentum World 2013 + other Momentum 2013 blogs…

We are a little late getting this out today but some of the feedback we were expecting has,…. errr…. got lost in the cloud! Possibly something to do with Bruno Mars & the party last night.

Just before things get wrapped up at Momentum Las Vegas today, here is what happened yesterday…

Rohit’s keynote was the big event of the day and is definitely worthwhile catching if you have the time (1:10).

Rohit reinforced EMC’s commitment to enhancing the platform & integrating solutions to help customers do business in the cloud. He talked lots about the innovations of the stack, how the solutions fit together and how IIG is looking ahead.

As always there were some great new terms and terrific quotes but my favourite has to be: “Future-proofing” – what a verb!


EMC's cloud platform


John O’melia came to the stage and talked about the live migration for SOBI using EMA which was completed earlier in the day!

Jeetu Patel gave an update/recap on what Syncplicity has been doing in 12 months. He and Rohit did a live demo to show how Syncplicity was used to prepare for Momentum. It is nice to see EMC ‘eating their own dog food’ and the UX looks really slick. They even did it on a Windows Surface!

As with last year, there is a lot to love about Syncplicity but let’s try to focus on Documentum here – last year we were criticized for going overboard on this! ;-)

Jeroen Van Rotterdam got people excited about Synplicity and Outlook in his presentation.









Rohit talking about Transformative Solutions for Energy (Watch the keynote for Andy Crowne’s demo of the EPFM

Lalith Subramanian on EMC being HIP

Virginia Backaitis has done another fantastic write-up on how EMC has stepped up to the plate in their bid to win over the industry verticals.

EMC announced new releases 


Rohit’s keynote included a really nice presentation of xCP.

Here is the list of xCP xCelerators that have been released.

Macgirlsweden posted this picture showing Process Extensions in xCP 2.0



And finally …..WebTop??

Peggy Ringhausen provided some clarification on how long WebTop will be supported.

WebTop End of line


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